Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 based on 38 rated reviews.
  • B

    “Everyone is always so wonderful and personable. They do everything they can to understand your situation and do their very best to find the best solution for you. They are very caring and treat you like family.

  • RG

    “Michelle delivered what I needed in a timely manner. She has been patient with me and my situation during a construction phase at my new property. ”

  • RF

    “I appreciate the personal touch I’ve received over the years. Nancy has kept me up with things that would give me better coverage or save me money.”

  • RK

    “Never have a problem with any claims. Always taken care of in a timely manner.”

  • MS

    “Everything’s great !!!”

  • LA

    “When I need to make a change in my policy or I have a question, it gets done promptly.”

  • JS

    “Your staff is always ready to help, and their customer service is superb”

  • DK

    “This is Mary, Dale’s wife of 35 years on April 28. George Drennan helped me combine our auto and home insurance for a significant savings. Insurance Centers, Inc. has been our vehicle insurance company of years and has always been there when needed. I am happy with the staff, coverage cost and peace of mind the insurance offers. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Insurance Centers if the topic ever comes up in conversation.”

  • TT

    “Heather and the group are Hands-down The best team for the job. I have had so many in-depth conversations with her about really detailed insurance needs and she has answered all of my questions and more. She really is a well of knowledge and we love being able to pull on her backlog of information whenever we have any insurance questions arise.

  • BC

    “Called me when you found out a way to lower my rate. Another time I lost my insurance card and needed it really quickly, called insurance centers and an employee emailed it to me within 5 minutes.”

  • RK

    “Barbara Kyle is always available to help us in a friendly and professional manner.”

  • RB

    “Your staff are dependable and very experience in their field”

  • RM

    “An excellent company with good rates and excellent service”

  • AV

    “Scott is the guy when it comes to all things insurance. He is knowledgeable, approachable, and easy to get a hold of!”

  • RT

    “You have always provided me a good product and given me prompt service for about 25 years.”