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  • Rochelle Hatfield
    5 stars!
  • Michael Hudgins
    ... I plan on referring anyone I can to this amazing companyRead Full Review

    “Before I found insurance centers, I knew I was paying too much for my auto insurance. I assumed it was just because I am 24 and I haven’t quite hit that magic 25 year old discount. I was paying Esurance $117 a month for poor coverage (no uninsured drivers, $2500 deductable, no bells and whistles, and only 50k/100k coverage). Insurance Centers cut my insurance price to $55/mo with Erie and offered me superior coverage as well! Sean was a pleasure to work with and I plan on referring anyone I can to this amazing company. Thanks guys!”

  • Lois Martin
    I would recommend them highly !Read Full Review

    “I have worked with Scott Lorince and Insurance Centers Inc. for the past 10 years for our business health insurance. Every year I get calls wanting to give us a quote. But after a few years I found out that Scott did a thorough job of checking rates while getting the best coverage possible for our employees. He gives us several options each time and I can tell he has put a lot of work into preparing for our meeting at renewal time. He also keeps us updated during the year of any changes that may effect us and keeps us in compliance. Not all insurance companies do that.This takes a lot of work and stress off of me. I would recommend them highly !”

  • Heather McCoy
    Five Stars!
  • Anita Stanley Copenhaver
    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.Read Full Review

    “Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They got me with Erie Insurance and the premiums are affordable with same coverage, compare to Nationwide Insurance.”

  • Luke Nesler
    I called Insurance Centers and they were extremely helpful.Read Full Review

    “Today my wife locked herself out of her car. We were unsure if our covered it. I called Insurance Centers and they were extremely helpful. They told me who to call at Erie and even gave me my policy number since I didn’t have it on me at the time.

    This is the type of customer service that I get every single time from their staff and it’s always appreciated.”

  • Five Stars!
  • TS
    Absolutely terrific service.Read Full Review

    “I have been dealing with them for 7 years now for all my biz / personal insurance needs.. Absolutely terrific service.. always available and quick services highly recommended…
    especially Janelta & Christie (whom I deal with) can respond at lightning speed to your business needs”

  • DD
    Very good people had great experience working with them.
  • Deborah Baber
    Five stars!
  • Daniel Wade
    5 stars!
  • Brad Lee Waldo
    5 stars!
  • Bryce Nicholson
    5 stars!
  • Penny Smith
    They always get me the best rates.Read Full Review

    “I love Insurance Center. They always get me the best rates. They have great customer service, you can call anytime. ♥”