Protecting Your Home While You’re on Vacation

Vacation Home Safety Gilbert Arizona Real Estate

Summer is here and that means many will take vacations to relax and get away from the stresses of life. However one worry will still remain. Is our home going to be safe while we are away?

Here are some tips to help ease your minds when you’re gone.

  • If you have any valuables make sure to lock them in a safe or safety deposit box at your bank.
  • Make sure to lock all your doors and  secure your windows. You can always insert a nail or screw into the frame of lower-level windows above the closed pane to prevent them from being lifted up.
  • For sliding glass doors place a rod or piece of wood in the track to prevent them from being slid opened.
  • Turn off your main water valve in case a pipe would burst.
  • Make sure you have unplugged all electrical devices including cell phone chargers to prevent a fire.
  • Create an “at home appearance” by leaving a locked vehicle in your driveway.
  • Keep the outside of your home well lit during the night with motion detection lights and timers.
  • Hire a trusted house sitter to come by and check on your home.
  • One important thing to remember when using social media such as Facebook do not post that you are going on vacation or pictures until you have returned home.
  • Having a security system is a big deterrent. A majority of burglars will not attempt to break-in if they see one. Almost of all them will immediately run if there is alarm or siren going off.

Have a great Trip!