Overlooked Spring Home Projects

Spring is the time to get your home and yard back in shape after the cold winter. However some projects can go unnoticed and can cause damage to your home if you do not get to them. Here is a list commonly overlooked spring home projects.

  • Check the attic for signs of animals or any roof leaks from the winter weather.
  • Check the roofing material for signs of wear and make sure your gutters are clean.
  • Lawn care – Clean up debris in the yard from winter, check trees for hanging limbs or dying trees that need removed, and start your lawn mowing program.
  • Clean out the drains and gutters in your home.
  • Change batteries in smoke detectors, flashlights, etc.
  • Check decks and patios for any warped or damaged boards done from the winter.
  • Have your home’s HVAC system serviced by a professionals
  • Check your weather stripping to see any needs replace. Not only does weather stripping hold heat in during the winter, but keep hot air out in the summer.
  • Replace your shower liners

Hopefully this list will help get your home ready for summer and out of the wintertime blues. If you have any questions you can reach me at 304-379-2260.

Nancy Dennis

Account Executive

Bruceton Mills, WV