Lighting Dangers


Thunderstorms can be beautiful to watch, but they can also be very deadly. Over 24,000 people are killed every year by lighting and over 240,000 injured. Most lighting deaths, about 54%, occurs in open fields, ball parks and golf courses, 23% occur under trees, 12% occur on beaches and boats, 7% occur on farm equipment and about 4% occur near an open window.

The safest place to be during a lighting storm is in a sturdy enclosed building or car. If you are in a car, avoid touching the metallic areas as they can conduct electricity. Thunder storms also do not have to be overhead for you to be hit by lighting. They can be as far as 10 miles away and still strike you.

Lighting Safety Tips to Remember

  1. When you hear thunder or see lighting, seek shelter immediately
  2. Never seek shelter under a tree
  3. Stay away from windows
  4. Do not take a bath or shower
  5. Avoid metallic items.

Always remember, “When thunder Roars, Go Indoors.”

Nancy Dennis

Bruceton Mills, WV