Leave Raking Tips


There is nothing prettier than driving through the mountains of Appalachia and seeing the changing leaves of fall. The trees turn into a sea of color with vibrant reds, yellows,  and oranges. The trees also change into jerks who drop their leaves all over our lawns and expect us to clean up after them. Although we shouldn’t cater to their bad behavior, dead leaves can wreak havoc on green grass. Here are a couple tips to help you with raking leaves.

Let Them Drop

Besides clearing pathways for high traffic areas, let all the leaves drops before you start raking. It may be hard to see all the leaves pile up, but it will save you hours of work. Wait for the branches to be bare.

Dry Leaves Are Best Leaves

Wet leaves are heavier than dry ones and take more time and energy raking them. Wait for them to be dry before you start raking

Be Limber

Raking leaves can do a number on your body, especially on your back. Before you start any raking activity, get a good stretch in. Also use proper technique, bending at the knees and not the back when raking.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Raking leaves into a huge pile is incredibly inefficient. Rake your leaves into small piles on tarps or pieces of plastic and then drag them into your main pile.

Let The Tools Do The Work

It may be time to get rid of that trusty rake you have been using since the beginning of time. There are newer rakes on the market that were designed to rake leaves more efficiently. If you can, and it is not cheating, use a bag mower that can turn your leaves into mulch.

Hopefully these tips will help you with your leave raking this fall.