Check The Pulse Of Your Employees To Attract/Retain Top Talent

Are you a business owner or executive of your company? Are you in a management position to be able to help improve the overall success of your organization? Across the country, one of the primary concerns of employers and management is how to attract top talent and how to keep those employees in your organization.

While attracting and retaining top talent is of upmost importance, few employers proactively investigate what their employees value most.

Becky Cantieri, HR Director of SurveyMonkey, uses about four short surveys a year to gauge satisfaction and improve their benefit offering. These surveys allowed Becky to create a new core and voluntary benefits program and really nail down what benefits are most important to their employees. While previously HR Director of Yahoo, Becky understood the importance of determining what employees value most out of their employer.

Receiving employee feedback helps companies offer a compelling benefits package, improve employee satisfaction, loyalty and help to retain talent in a competitive environment.

This strategy is perfectly in line with what a new study from Fractl has shown. According to their study, 80% of employees would prefer better health/dental/vision insurance and other benefits than a pay raise. With more attention in the media relating to health care and health care costs, some employees are beginning to prefer a comprehensive benefit plan over a slight pay increase.

Employee Benefits can clearly be used as a tool to attract and retain top talent. Take the time to develop a strategy to gauge employee interest and address what is most important to them.

This is not a one and done strategy and requires constant feedback to be successful. The benefit market is adapting to employee needs every year. If you are able provide products to fulfill the needs of your workforce and avoid high turnover, would your company not be more profitable?

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