Back To School Traffic Safety

School is underway and with it brings new traffic patterns and congestion. Buses picking up kids, children walking to school, and parents hurrying their little students back into the school routine. It is now more important than slow down and pay attention to the new hustle and bustle. Whether you are dropping off your students, having them take the bus, walk to school, or you just a morning commuter, here a few back to school traffic safety tips.

Dropping off

  • Most schools have a drop off procedure. If you are going to be dropping off your children, make sure you find out all the protocols.

Sharing the Road with School Buses

  • If you are following behind a school bus, make sure give plenty of space
  • Never pass a school bus, in fact it is illegal in all 50 states.
  • All traffic must stop if the yellow or red lights are flashing when the stop arm is extended
  • Be alert for children who boarding and unloading. They may not realize the hazards of the road.

Sharing the Road with Young Pedestrians

  • Be aware and pay attention to your surroundings. Children can be very unpredictable
  • Do not block cross walks when stopped at read light or waiting to make a turn
  • If you are school zone, look to see if they flashers are blinking. If they are, stop and yield to all pedestrians crossing the crosswalk or intersection.
  • Always obey the school patrol office or crossing guard.
  • Never pass a vehicle stopped for pedestrians