5 Warning Signs Your Septic System Is Full

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Over 26 Million homes in the United States (about ¼ ) currently use a septic system. They are mainly found in rural areas where there are no connections to city water and sewer. If maintained properly, septic systems can be used for years and years, but how do you know when your septic system is full?

Here are 5 warning signs

  1. Pooling water in your drain field – While pooling water can happen in your yard because of poor drainage and other factors, make sure to pay attention to your drain field (area of your yard over your septic system). If there is a constant pool of water in your drain field, then It probably means your septic system is full.
  1. Foul odors– Another sign of a full system is an unnatural smelly odor coming from outside your house, especially from your drain field. This probably means your system needs serviced and is full
  1. Slow drains- Do you have more than one drain running slow? This is another warning sign that your system is backed-up.
  1. Sewage back-up– No one wants to think about sludge coming out of their pipes but if you notice a black smelly liquid coming up through your toilets and other drains, then your system is backed up and needs serviced
  1. Your grass is greener– The grassy area above your septic system should look like the rest of your lawn. But if you notice that it is very lush and green ,even during dry hot weather, your septic system is full and not working properly.

Septic systems should be serviced every year and need to be pumped at least every three years. Check for these warning signs and hopefully you will not have to deal with septic system overflow.